Let RvN@LAB encourage you to experiment.

 Are you studying in Nijmegen region? At Radboud University, HAN university of applied sciences or ROC school for secondary vocational education? Show your talents and creativity in RvN@LAB!

RvN@LAB is the place to meet entrepreneurs form Nijmegen region, social organisations and other students from different studies and different educational institutes. You get the opportunity to know the Nijmegen (economic) region better. Get inspire by other students and entrepreneurs, and inspire them. Experience the value of your current knowledge and creativity, and develop your 21st century skills further.

Sign up for the LABmeeting of december 16th 2019

(17.00u – 20.00u, drinks and food, ‘secret garden’ Nijmegen)

More information?

 If you want more information you can always send an e-mail to lab@rvnhub.nl or you can make an appointment with Han Rouwenhorst or Tijke Eijkemans during the LABcoffee – every Tuesday between 15.30 and 17.00.